Mick Jagger & Chrissie Shrimpton

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Chrissie Shrimpton

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ballion asked:

Do you or any of your lovely followers might have an idea what happened to Chrissie Shrimpton after the 60s? I know that Jean owns a hotel, but I have no idea about Chrissie. Are there any recent photos of either Chrissie or Jean? Beautiful blog by the way. x

Just when I thought no one gives a care for Chrissie…yay I now officially love you! 

Anyways, much like most of the popular models of the sixties such as Peggy Moffit and Penelope Tree, not much is known about Chrissie unfortunately :( All I know is that after her breakup with Mick, Chrissie did not handle it well and so took an overdose of sleeping pills. She also participated in some underground films during the late-60s early 70s. Her most recent appearance, as far as I’m concerned, is a very brief cameo in a biopic of Jean, We’ll Take Manhattan (2012; Jean is actually played by Karen Gillan!) I don’t how or when in the film she exactly appears, I’m sorry, but I’ll tell you when I do catch her! :) 

I really want to know too what Chrissie is doing and how she’s going about now, so to my followers please help us! :) if you know anything about Chrissie Shrimpton please send us a message thanks! 


Some of my favourite fringes: Chrissie Shrimpton

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Chrissie Shrimpton photographed by Bailey for Vogue UK October 1965

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